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People in Estill County want radioactive waste removed from landfill

Some people in Estill County are asking the state to rethink a plan that would leave more than a thousand tons of illegally dumped radioactive waste in an Estill County landfill.

Estill citizens want say in state negotiations with polluter

Estill County residents are asking for two seats at the table as state regulators discuss an agreement with a local landfill operator accused of illegally dumping low-level nuclear waste.

Estill Co. Concerned Citizens rally about radioactive waste dumping

A local minister tells the crowd gathered at the Estill County High School football field, "Father we realize that you left us here to take care of this earth...We apologize for what man kind has down to your creation."

Rally on Saturday to address radioactive waste at Estill Co. landfill

The Concerned Citizens of Estill County (CCEC,) have announced a rally at Estill County High School on Saturday, July 16, to raise awareness of illegal radioactive waste dumping in their landfill.

Newly-formed Estill Co. non-profit to rally against dumping of radioactive waste

Estill Co. citizens have formed a non-profit group focusing on the dumping of radioactive waste at Advanced Disposal Inc.’s Blue Ridge Landfill.

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