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PSC: Damage to gas pipelines at unacceptable levels

Since July 14, 2018, the PSC has received more than 700 reports of excavation-caused damage to natural gas lines in the state.

8/11 Is National Dig Safely Day: Call 811 Before You Dig

National Dig Safely Day has added meaning in Kentucky this year, since it occurs as the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC) begins enforcement of the state law that protects underground natural gas and hazardous liquid pipelines from excavation damage.

Enforcement of Call-Before-You-Dig Law to begin soon

In just over a week the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC) will begin pursuing enforcement actions against excavators who violate Kentucky’s call-before-you-dig law and damage natural gas or hazardous liquid lines.

Changes coming to Kentucky’s call-before-you-dig law

Beginning July 14, the Kentucky Public Service Commission will investigate excavation damage to natural gas or hazardous liquid lines to determine whether it was caused by violations of Kentucky’s call-before-you-dig law.

KU: On National 811 Day, remember to call before you dig

Kentucky Utilities (KU) is reminding residents across the state of the importance of calling Kentucky 811 before doing any digging around homes or in neighborhoods.

Summer projects planned? Make sure you call before you dig

If you have outdoor summer projects planned that include digging, make sure you call 811 first. If you don't, it could cost you.

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