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Thorntons to be acquired by BP

Thorntons is being acquired by BP and ArcLight Capital Partners, the Louisville-based company announced.
Armed, Robbery

Attempted armed robbery of Lexington food truck overnight

Lexington police are looking for a suspect who they say attempted to rob a Lexington food truck early Wednesday morning.

LPD: Call Comes Four Hours Later About Robbery, Shot Fired at Store

Police say it took four hours for someone to call about a robbery at a store where a shot was fired.
Credit Card, Skimming, Skimmer

Credit card skimming device found in Richmond gas pump

Inspectors with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture say they found a credit card "skimmer" during an inspection of a fuel pump at a Richmond gas station.

Three people killed, building destroyed after Winchester apartment fire

Three people are dead and several others injured after a fire at an apartment complex in Winchester.

Smash-and-grab robbery at Lexington store

Police are investigating a smash-and-grab robbery at the BP on North Broadway in Lexington.

Laurel County Sheriff Asking For Help To Locate Robber

The Laurel County Sheriff's deputies are looking for a man they say robbed a convenience store Tuesday night.

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