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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Norfolk Southern donates locomotive to Kentucky Steam Heritage Corp.

Donated locomotive to be displayed in Irvine.

Agencies aim to work better together to help children in eastern KY

Leaders in three Appalachian communities have been chosen to try a new approach to improving the lives of rural children.

‘Mine 9,’ movie about a coal mine entrapment, opens Friday

A film opens in theaters this week whose chilling theme is known all too well by residents of coal producing states - an entrapment inside an Appalachian mine.

Summit seeks solutions for struggling coal region’s economy

Community leaders are meeting in a Kentucky region hurt by the collapsing coal industry, seeking to help redevelop the area economy.

Kentucky reaches settlement in radioactive waste dumping

Kentucky officials have reached a $168,000 settlement with one of the companies accused of being involved in the dumping of radioactive waste in an Appalachian landfill.

Ohio judge mulls high sentence for trail-hiking fugitive

A federal judge is considering a tougher sentence than guidelines call for in the case of a Kentucky accountant who embezzled

Lawsuit: Harlan hospital pharmacy illegally dispensed drugs

The federal government has filed a lawsuit accusing a hospital pharmacy in Harlan County of filling fraudulent prescriptions that a doctor wrote for other hospital employees.

Sentencing postponed for trail-hiking embezzlement suspect

A federal judge in Ohio has rescheduled the sentencing of a Kentucky accountant who spent much of six years as a fugitive hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Lawmakers seek $1 billion for struggling coal states

Lawmakers from Appalachian states hit hard by a downturn in the coal industry proposed a bill Wednesday that would set aside $1 billion from a federal fund to use for economic development.

Kentucky development fund offers grants for economic impact

The Kentucky Appalachian Regional Development Fund is now available to give local organizations opportunities to create regional economic impact.

Appalachian program to lend millions to small businesses

A lending program for small businesses in Appalachia is making millions in loans available throughout the region.

Appalachian Voices list of at-risk communities

Non-profit Appalachian Voices has released a list of the 10 communities at greatest risk from mountaintop mining coal operations in Central Appalachia.

Appalachian Voices releases mountaintop mining mapping tool

A nonprofit environmental group has released a mapping tool it says shows mountaintop coal mining has been expanding closer to communities in central Appalachia in recent years, with nearly half of the 50 areas most at risk in West Virginia.

UK, EKU Get $5 Million From CDC To Make High-Risk Jobs Safer

The Central Appalachian Regional Education and Research Center received a five-year, $5 million grant to improve occupational health and safety in Central Appalachia and Kentucky.

Film for Christian Appalachian Project Celebrates Group’s 50th Anniversary

A special documentary screening was held Wednesday for the Christian Appalachian Project, commemorating 50 years of providing physical, spiritual and emotional support.

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Project Friendship plans to donate One Million in winter clothes to those in need

It's a spin on it's coat drive which had to be scaled back because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Queenslake Horse Farm hosts COVID-19 safe Halloween light show

With the help of Cincy Illuminations, The Chmela's transformed the main house at Queenslake Horse Farm into a COVID-19 safe and family friendly drive-thru light show.

Maggie’s Light LLC offering comfort to grieving families

A non-profit organization is trying to shine some pink and blue light on the month of October.

Mayor addresses concerns people have with University of Somerset plans

People reading the website worried about the university's inclusiveness.