Stivers: Lawmakers would be ready to tackle redistricting

The Senate's top leader says it's lawmakers who wield the policymaking power to redraw congressional and legislative boundaries

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (AP) – Kentucky lawmakers wield the policymaking power to redraw congressional and legislative boundaries, the Senate’s top Republican leader said Monday in pushing back against the Democratic governor’s insistence on seeing a plan before deciding whether to call them into a special session.

Stivers signaled that lawmakers could be ready to take up the issue in about a week if given the chance.

“I don’t plan to go to the governor on anything,” Stivers told reporters. “He knows we’re ready. He should call us into special session. But he has made it a caveat that he’s not calling us into special session unless he approves the plans.”

The decision on whether to reconvene lawmakers for a special session is up to the governor. Beshear has said he’d like to see a plan from legislative leaders and to have an agreement before deciding.

“It is not his role to set policy.” Stivers said. “It is ours. And where the districts are, is our prerogative.”

The governor’s spokeswoman, Crystal Staley, said Beshear has had “zero requests” from Senate leaders for a meeting on redistricting.

“No governor could call a special session without being formally asked, without a meeting with legislative leadership, without seeing a single piece of paper,” she said.

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