State leaders commemorate Women’s History Month in Frankfort

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) — State leaders commemorated Women’s History Month Friday in Frankfort.

The governor and lieutenant governor, along with women leaders across the state gathered at the Capitol to celebrate the work of Kentucky’s Commission on Women and to announce the seven new inductees of the Kentucky Women Remembered portrait exhibit at the Capitol.

The exhibit began as a display at the 1978 Kentucky State Fair that included six portraits of women from various backgrounds.

It served as a campaign to bring attention to outstanding women who made significant contributions to Kentucky’s history.

The exhibit hasn’t had any additions since 2014.

“I’ll tell you, I’m very encouraged every time that I travel Kentucky because Kentucky is full of women who share these passions and are giving their time expertise and insight to this movement,” said Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman.

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