Sri Lankan students protested to raise awareness for the country’s economic crisis

University of Kentucky students held signs downtown asking for better leadership in Sri Lanka

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Sri Lankan students from the University of Kentucky participated in a peaceful protest, raising awareness for the ongoing economic crisis in the country.

Organizers say the demonstration Sunday was one of nearly 50 happening nationwide in solidarity with the protests that have been happening for about a month in Sri Lanka. Those gathered say Sri Lanka is facing a severe shortage of basic supplies like food, medicine and fuel.

“It’s not something that happened overnight, but throughout the last few decades bad leadership and bad policies have brought us to this place,” says Buddhika Hapuwadde, a protester. “But people are saying that it’s enough and they want to have a change in the system.”

The U.K. student protesters say those Sri Lanka are asking for better management an a political change. The protesters say the best way to stay involved is to keep up with the event Facebook page linked HERE.

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