Son of Kentucky Lawmaker expected to be deployed to Europe with several other United States Marines

Kentucky Marines Expected Overseas Soon

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Hundreds of Kentucky soldiers in the US Army from Fort Knox’s Victory Corps were deployed to Europe this week to help strengthen US army forces, support allies and help prevent further Russian aggression against Ukraine.  In a few days several marines will make their way overseas as well, including the son of a Kentucky lawmaker.

“It’s not easy I think it would easier to see the individual go than to see their child go,”

Senate President Robert Stivers is one of many parents who are saying goodbye to their loved ones.  His 23-year-old son RT, a United States Marine will head to Europe to help Ukraine amid escalating Russian attacks.  And while it’s RT’s first deployment, it’s not a first for the family.  Stivers says he comes from a long list of veterans, including his uncles and his father.

“After December 7th 1941 he stayed in six years through world war 2 and my uncles did a full 29 years,” explains Stivers.

Stivers says when RT was 19, he was an engineering student at the University of Louisville. He decided to drop out, a shock to the family, who say he was doing well academically.

“He said he used to go over to the graveyard and he saw all the military headstones and he’s read the letters my family had sent and that’s one of the reasons why he decided to enlist.”

Four years later, RT now heads to his first military assignment. Because of security risks, his exact location can’t be shared, however Stivers says he has a general idea of ‘where’ his son will be.

“I think they’ve been given specific orders..But he doesn’t divulge those to me very generic in what he has said but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know where everybody is going right now,” said Stivers.

While President Biden has said US troops won’t be sent to Ukraine, Stivers says he’s still a concerned parent.

“It may not be as bad as you think, but you know sometimes the fear of the unknown fear of your child is something you always worry about. There’s always going to be a certain hesitancy and reservation..To be mixed in with a sense of pride,”

Stivers says RT’s assignment is expected to last until November at the earliest.

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