Some fear more bans could follow after Supreme Court Roe v. Wade overturn


LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ)- Reaction continues to pour in following Friday’s Supreme Court overturn of Roe v. Wade.
Some are fearing the decision will lead to other bans going forward.

Friday’s decision makes abortion illegal in the state of Kentucky.
It ended constitutional protections for abortions that had been in place for nearly 50 years..
Lexington resident Hannah Lindsey says the outcome was something she had expected even before the Supreme Court leak last month.

“For my generation, I feel like its always been looming,” said Lindsey.

Lindsey says she found out about the overturn, as many did, on social media.

“We are now afraid that contraception is next,” said Lindsey. “Everyone’s been saying they’re not going to stop at Roe. They’re not gonna stop at just the states, so now, we have to prepare for if there’s no contraception. If there are no blue states that women of means like myself can travel to.”

Since the overturn, some women have been thinking about undergoing a medical procedure for their protection.

“I, myself, other women around Lexington have been talking about getting their tubes tied or tubes removed completely,” said Lindsey. “There’s mentioning of information about what doctors would do that. And that might sound drastic, but in state like Kentucky or other red states, there is no safety net and so we have to create those safety nets for ourselves.”

Others, like Addia Wuchner of the Kentucky Right to Life Foundation have differing viewpoints.

“So we see it as an undoing of a great wrong,” said Wuchner. “We have a lot of work to do, as we begin to heal and reconcile and move forward. Making sure as we’ve been doing for all these years that we are advocating and supporting and being there. And walking alongside of women and men who have an unplanned pregnancy that abortion was never the answer to take a human life.”

Wushner says there is misinformation going around surrounding a contraception ban.

” That has nothing to do with this. And it’s very unfortunate that those who advocate to care about women would put forth such scary misinformation. There is nothing on the table, no even thought of banning contraception. I’ve also heard monitoring women’s ovulation cycle.What sad misinformation that any organization that claims to care about women or people who advocate for women would put out there to place fear in the hearts of women,” said Wuchner.

Lindsey says she’s planning to talk to their healthcare providers about what is the best decision for them going forward.

“Well, now we’re looking at if that’s the only way then I know for certain that the choices I get to make about my body are my own then that’s what i have to do,” said Lindsey.

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