Snow day traditions: sledding at Clinton Road Park

After Thursday night's treacherous road conditions, some people in Lexington were able to safely enjoy a snow day today

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – While travel was treacherous on Thursday night, it wasn’t all bad. Friday, some people in Lexington were able to safely enjoy the snow.

Clinton Road Park is a popular spot for sledding on the hill at the old Shriner’s Hospital. With Fayette County Public Schools being out, kids and adults alike took to sledding the hills.

Liza Betz, a mother of two children sledding at Clinton Road Park, says she loves snow days. She says she and her children will be out in the snow all day, taking a quick break for lunch and then returning to the hill to sled more later.

“I love it, snow days, who doesn’t love a snow day? I love a snow day, give me a snow day any day,” said Betz.

For some, coming to sled on this hill is a tradition that goes way back. Best friends Mckenzie Buehler and Bailey Hancock say they’ve been coming to sled on this hill for nearly 20 years. This year, they’re passing the tradition on, bringing Buehler’s nephew.

“We’ve literally been doing this since middle school, high school, we’ve grown up coming here,” said Hancock.

They also say they’ll be conquering their childhood sledding fears this year.

“There’s a bump I still remember, there’s like a big hill that you would like, be scared to go over, but this year, we’re doing it,” said Hancock.

If you’re choosing to enjoy the snow, please remember to stay warm and stay safe.

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