Small group of PETA protesters gather at Urban Outfitters

The group says the brand participates in animal cruelty

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Drivers on Main Street may have seen enormous alpaca and duck puppets, but they weren’t just for fun.

Tuesday, four PETA protesters gathered outside of Urban Outfitters in downtown Lexington to protest the brand’s use of alpaca fleece, wool, leather, down, mohair, and cashmere in their products.

The animal advocacy organization claims Urban Outfitters’ practices for obtaining these products is harmful to animals, saying their treatment of the animals is cruel.

“PETA has released dozens of investigations that reveal that gentle sheep and alpaca are hit, kicked, and restrained for their wool, sensitive goats are pinned down and shorn violently for their mohair–they’re left cut open and bleeding–or they are roughly shorn with a metal comb. And gentle cows are burned and electro-shocked and slaughtered for their leather,” said PETA senior campaigner Amanda Brody.

The protest is part of an international campaign by PETA against Urban Outfitters.

The Lexington Urban Outfitters location declined to comment on the protest.

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