Severe flooding in Buckhorn pushes back first day of school

Instead of shopping for new notepads and markers, a family is shopping for essentials after flooding destroyed their home

PERRY COUNTY, KY (WTVQ) – Instead of back-to-school shopping, a family in Perry County is buying basic essentials, after losing their home to flooding. Buckhorn Elementary School remains closed and instead a gymnasium is serving as a relief distribution center and feeding site for volunteers and first responders.

The Gross family say the start of this school year has been different. The kids told ABC 36 that instead of subjects, they’ve learned how a community can be devastated by severe flooding . On Wednesday, the youngest say they were inside when the water started to rise.

“I was really scared and I was crying but I also had to protect my sister,” says eight-year-old Zachery Gross.

“They’re so traumatized from it. My daughter Kensley asked me the first few days after it happened if it was all a dream,” says Angela Gross.

Gross saying she had hoped the return to the classroom would help keep their minds occupied.

“Because I know that they’re good there and they’re fed and you know I’m feeding them but I want them to go to school right now because I just feel like I can’t give them anything,” says Gross.

According to volunteers, the fate of Buckhorn Elementary is also uncertain as the school district was planning to meet on Wednesday to talk about reopening. For the Gross family this event will live in their memory and more than likely go down in the history books.

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