Search for 2 missing women continues, as relatives of Vanessa Baker look for closure

Family members of Vanessa Baker say she was swept away in the flood along with her husband

UPDATE: AUGUST 23rd, 2022

BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – It’s been a few weeks since severe flooding struck several parts of that part of the state, washing people’s homes, property, and even loved ones.
Wallace Caleb Bates says his great aunt Vanessa Baker is one of a two people who are still missing.

“Vanessa and her husband were evacuating her home as the flood waters rose. The flood waters rose very fast in their community as flash flooding does and her husband ed was swept away by flood waters he ended up finding safety,” says Bates.

Baker’s relatives say she was also swept away as well, however her whereabouts are still unknown.

“It’s just been difficult not knowing where she is not knowing exactly what happened,” says Bates.

The family believes the creek that would have swept her and her husband empties into the norfolk of the Kentucky River which then empties into the Mississippi River. There could be a lot of ground to cover to find her, but Vanessa’s family tell ABC 36 that they’ll overturn every stone possible to bring her home, or at least get closure. According to Bates, what would help during this difficult time is getting assistance from others.

“I think that it would help so much with the other feelings of grief our family has. The loss of property is one thing, but to have a missing family member out there it’s very difficult to grapple with,” says Bates.

Through this tragic time the family is keeping the faith, saying that blood is indeed thicker than water.


PERRY/BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Geraldine Mullins family lost everything in the flood, their home, and their belongings.
And while she and her family are doing what they can to help others affected through relief efforts, she’s grieving.

But, not for the loss of things that can be replaced, for the loss of someone that can’t be

“I am hoping they find her but of all the searches they haven’t found nothing. I mean we just don’t know, I want comfort for my family, but maybe they won’t get that comfort” said Geraldine.

Geraldine Mullins is Vanessa Baker’s sister in law.
Baker was swept away in the flood.
Mullins says her husband, Baker’s brother tried to save Baker as flood waters poured in.

“He went down to my sister and law and brother next door to help them get out and he tried to get her out, but he lost her. He got her by the hand and everything, but he lost her, and he said he went under to try and save her but couldn’t find her and just made it back up” added Geraldine.

Search teams and State Police have been looking for Baker ever since.

As they continue to wait for updates, Mullins and her son, Anthony have been helping thousands of flood victims at the County Line Community Church.

“We’ve been working here since the day after the flood, been handing out hot meals, water, cleaning supplies, furniture just all different kinds of things, mops, shovels, brooms, anything that could assist the folks trying to restore and cleanup” said Anthony Mullins.

Though he says more help is needed.

“Estimated time for restoration is maybe 5-6 weeks and that’s just devastating to families and with school trying to start up, we need assistance here quickly” added Anthony.

If you have any information on Vanessa Baker or Nancy Cundiff’s whereabouts you’re asked to contact State Police.

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