Scott County Sheriff’s Office beginning youth fishing program

Scott Co

GEORGETOWN, Ky (WTVQ)- The Scott County Sheriffs Office is wanting to bridge a gap in the community between law enforcement and the youth through a youth fishing program.

“I’ve always enjoyed fishing,” said Deputy Williams Clogston, who is spearheading the program. “I’m not an avid fisher, as you would say.”

Clogston has been a law enforcement officer for more than a decade. Now a sheriff’s deputy, he’s seen first hand how negatively law enforcement officers are viewed.
And he’s wanting to change that.

“We do more than just take people to jail and stuff like that,” Clogston said. “We’re out here, we care about the community. Most of us live in these communities. And we want people to see that we’re human beings too. That yeah, ‘I have this uniform on, but I put my pants on the same as anybody else does.”

Clogston is in the planning stages of the youth fishing program, which would take kids on fishing trips with other law enforcement officers. While fishing, the officers and youth would mentor the youth.

“Our goal is to give the kids a fishing pole,”Clogston said. “I want them to have them. I don’t want to keep them. I feel like to be able to instill a positive outdoor activity instead of having the kids inside playing fortnight and call of duty, and all of these other video games, have them outside enjoying this beautiful place that we have.”

The sheriffs office is asking for donations of fishing poles and other fishing gear to get the program started. They’re also asking for community involvement.

“If we’re going to make a change in the atmosphere, as far as how law enforcement is viewed in the community, this is one way to do it,” Clogston said. “It’s to reach out and touch youth, but also show the parents of the youth that we do care. That we want to see change in our communities. We want to be a positive light and that we are the good guys and we want to do the right thing.”

Clogston hopes to get the program up and running by June. If you’d like to donate, you can do so at the Scott County Sheriffs Office.


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