Rockcastle County receives state grant for road repairs

County officials say the $220,000 will be used to fix a "hump" on Freedom School Road

Rockcastle County leaders are on the receiving end of a $220,000 grant. Leaders say the money will help address a safety issue on a dangerous road.

Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman made the announcement at the Rockcastle County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon.

County judge/executive Howell Holbrook says the money will be used to repair a “hump” on Freedom School Road. He says there have been several wrecks there in recent years and that the money will help make that street safer.

The money comes from the Kentucky transportation department’s Road Improvement Project Fund.

“Rural counties, they just don’t have a lot of road funding to do a lot of large projects,” Holbrook said. “Over the past three years, we’ve had to do a lot of road slips and slides from the tremendous amounts of rain that we’ve had over the past several years. It takes a lot of money to do that. Its a cost shared with FEMA, but it still takes a lot away from our road revenue. So this is well needed money.”

Holbrook says the next step in the process will be to find a contractor to help do the work.

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