Road and Bridge Department, utility crews prep for weekend snow threat

Power lines

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ)- Street crews have been busy preparing for this coming weekend’s winter weather, including the possibility of more snow fall.

Rob Allen is the Director of Streets and Roads for the city. He says crews have already begun putting salt on roads and bridges.

He also says they’re fully equipped and ready for the incoming storm. The department just got a shipment of more than 8,000 tons of salt in that is ready to go.

“The cooler the temperature, the slower the salt works,” Allen explained. “Sometimes, we have to add a little bit more. Hopefully this will be our typical Kentucky storm, we’ll get snowfall and then in a couple of days, we’ll be complaining about how warm it is in January.”

Allen says crews will be on standby early Sunday morning into Sunday evening.

It’s not just road crews preparing for the threat of winter weather this weekend — electric companies are getting ready too.
Crews have packed bags and are on standby.
Electric officials say there are a few things that they’re keeping an eye on.

“The biggest issue with heavy snow is not on the power lines or the equipment itself,’ said Joe Arnold of Kentucky Electric Cooperatives. “The biggest issue is on trees, is on rights of way.”

Arnold says when heavy snow falls on those tree limbs, they can break, which can cause a lot of damage to power lines.
“You hear a lot of stories throughout the year, especially when its nice weather, about people trimming trees back,” Arnold said. “It’s weekends like this one that show why it’s so crucial to keep rights of way clear.”

It’s also important to steer clear of downed power lines and to treat each one as if it’s still “live.”

“Please, please stay away,” said Greg Harrington, Director of Operations for Davis H. Elliot. “First and foremost, call your electric provider. Notify those folks of whats going on. Where the location is, get an address. Someway to help those folks find lines.

In the event you need back up power, electric officials stress the importance of not running generators in your garage, which could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

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