Rail companies prepare for possible strike

(CNN NEWSOURCE) — The clock is ticking and the next big threat to the supply chain is looming: the possibility of the first national railroad strike in 30 years.

About 60,000 railroad workers are set to go on strike after midnight on Friday — if their union reps can’t come to an agreement on a new contract with rail companies.

Some of the unions already have tentative deals, but not all of them.

Now, reps from those remaining unions are going head to head with rail line officials, debating everything from pay to scheduling.

In the meantime, several rail companies are pre-emptively shutting down service on everything from grains and soy to hazardous materials.

To put it in perspective, about 30 percent of America’s freight moves by rail so we could see price hikes or lack of access to everything from gas, food, and consumer goods to vehicles and manufacturing –which could cost the U.S. tens of millions of dollars a day.

Unless the two sides reach an agreement, only congressional action can prevent or end a strike.

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