Protests in Bowling Green over Emmett Till causes Christmas Parade cancellation

Demonstrators demand justice for the 14-year-old, calling for the arrest of the woman who accused him of whistling at her

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WTVQ) —  Bowling Green, Kentucky canceled its annual Christmas parade scheduled for Saturday, it was due to threats made against groups planning protests in the city over Emmett Till’s accuser decades ago.

“The specific threat is threatening to shoot anyone who’s protesting and anyone helping the protesters. As of this moment, we have not been able to determine the validity of this threat, however we feel it is important to alert our citizens,” said Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower over the warning that was sent to the city.

After a few hours, various groups held demonstrations calling for justice for Emmett Till, the  14-year-old boy who was abducted, tortured and lynched in Mississippi in the 1950’s.

A woman by the name of Carolyn Bryant Donham, accused till of whistling at her.

Now more than 60 years later Donham’s last location was tracked to Bowling Green.

A warrant for Donham’s arrest was found this year in a Mississippi Courthouse basement.

The issue went to court, with a grand jury declining to indict her.

Various groups protested in near downtown and near the alleged home of Donham.

One of the people in attendance was Emmett Till’s cousin, Priscilla Sterling, demanding justice for her family.

“So now it’s going to take mountains to move to move us to do the right thing, we can do it together, we can do it together. Because believe me, I have a white brother-in-law and I have a white sister and this ain’t about attacking, and not me being a racist, this is about the justice that we deserve,” said Sterling.

Organizers say federal lawsuits were filed in serving the warrant against Donham.

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