Pharmacists clear up misconceptions as demand for Plan B Spikes

One misconception is that Plan B can be used as an alternative to the abortion pill, pharmacists say absolutely not!


LEXINGTON, KY (WTVQ) – The rise in demand for “Plan B” pills known as the ‘morning after’ pill came after the supreme court ruled last Friday to overturn Roe V. Wade. The high demand has led to a shortage and some pharmacies limiting how much of the emergency contraception you can buy, which can be purchased over the counter without an ID or prescription. Chris Palutis runs C&C’s pharmacy in Lexington and says his store carries the pill, although they’ve yet to sell it.

“I believe it’s because they (customers) don’t want to go somewhere they might be recognized maybe and so they go up to the counter and ask for it at a pharmacy that’s bigger and may not know anyone inside,” says Palutis.

Allison Jacobs with the Kentucky Health Justice Network says it’s been hard keeping the morning after pill on the shelves after the ruling.

“I was overwhelmed with requests for Plan B. People wanted them specifically to  hold on to just in case they needed it with this shortage,” explains Jacobs.

The network believes that part of the reason is because birth control isn’t always 100% effective.

“It can be very stressful for people who are seeking to not be pregnant and to have those issues with birth control,” adds Jacobs.

Palutis and Jacobs think some people might be panic buying, leading to the shortage in some pharmacies. Pharmacists says its very important to note that these pills have a shelf life and it cannot be used as a method of terminating a pregnancy.

“I think that it’s misguided because Plan B is not an abortion pill. If someone is pregnant and wanting to terminate their pregnancy taking Plan B is not going to do that,” says Palutis.

On Plan B’s website it says the morning after pill is not effective if a woman is already pregnant and wont harm an existing pregnancy. Jacobs argues this is something that should be taught in a school setting.

“If we did have a good sex education that taught our students and kiddos about plan b condoms birth control they would know already,”

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