Parents unhappy, say students feel ‘unsafe’ at school

Some West Jessamine Middle School parents addressed the Jessamine County School Board Monday night with recurring administration problems

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – A West Jessamine Middle School parent took to Facebook on September 16th, detailing a horrific incident no parent wants to hear their child has gone through. According to Clifton Taylor, at a middle school dance earlier this month a group of boys were taking photos up girls’ skirts and dresses. He says his daughter was among one of the girls the group targeted.

Taylor says one of the girls told a teacher at the dance what had happened and says nothing was done. Taylor says in the Facebook post the teacher told the girls, “‘It’s ok’, ‘Don’t spread the word around’, ‘Just stay in a group’, ‘Keep your legs together’.” Taylor goes on to say the principal was made aware of the incident and said he would handle it, but Taylor feels it was swept under the rug.

“This is why so many children, you know, commit suicide. This is why school shootings happen. This is why, because there’s no adults there,” says Taylor.

Many West Jessamine Middle School parents are fed up with the leadership and administration at the school and are calling for action. Parents taking the opportunity to sound off on the incident at Monday’s Jessamine County School Board meeting.

“West Jessamine Middle School has a culture problem,” says one parent.

Monday night, a handful of West Jessamine Middle School parents addressed the school board about what they say is a repeated administrative problem at the school. Some parents say these issues go back much further than just this year and families have transferred and looked into moving schools over the school administration.

“Most of the kids that I know at West middle, they don’t want to go to administrative because they feel like they’re not heard,” says a mother of a special needs child.

“My daughter does not feel safe at that school and it is not necessarily because of other students, it’s the adults who have made her feel that way,” says a mother of a volleyball player.

This mother described multiple situations in which her daughter felt unsafe at school, one instance happening the same day as the ‘back-to-school’ dance.

According to the mother, her daughter messaged her saying a boy told her he was going to shoot up the school, allegedly calling her a racial slur among other insults. The girl’s mother says she was told the principal and school law enforcement would take care of the issue but found out from school police they were unaware of the situation until recently.

“I don’t feel sending my daughter to west middle school is a good environment,” she says. “Who is there to look out for her well-being? Why are dress code violations being handled more diligently by the school’s leadership than racist threats?”

Parents are frustrated with the way these situations are being handled and are calling for an investigation into West Jessamine Middle School’s administration. Some parents say they’ll continue to show up to school board meetings and share their child’s stories and ask for change until they feel heard.

“It’s very upsetting that the school system has gone this south. It’s very upsetting that we don’t have more people in the school system that want to keep it safe, that want to keep our kids in school,” says Taylor.

Jessamine County Superintendent Matt Moore declined an interview, saying he cannot comment on another employee or talk about matters involving students.

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