Outside factors paint unsettling picture of state’s COVID status

Veterans Day, death review make numbers scary

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – A big jump in new cases compared to last week and more than 200 deaths linked to COVID causes provide an unsettling picture of the state’s COVID status, even if the numbers are impacted by several factors not all connected to the actual virus.

In Friday’s report (click here),  the state announced 2,101 new COVID cases, 600 of which were in people 18 and under. That was up from 1,296 cases last week, but that number was lower because of the Nov. 11 Veterans Day holiday.

The state reported 212 COVID-related deaths Friday. Many of those were months old but have just now officially been linked by the state’s review of death certificates by the medical review team. The governor reported 72 deaths for Friday plus 84 deaths added for the final 2020 report, and an additional 56 from January 2021.

The deaths raised the total lost to COVID-related causes to 10,606.

The positivity rate was 6.24%, up from 6.18% Thursday, the same as Wednesday’s rate, but up from 5.73% Monday and Tuesday and 5.53% last Friday.

The state has now recorded 769,732 cases since March 2020.

According to the daily report, 778 people are hospitalized, up from 750 Thursday, 757 Wednesday’s 757, 739 Tuesday, 719 Monday and 703 last Friday.

ICU admittance are at 193, down from 195 Thursday, 200 Wednesday and 204 Tuesday, but up from 191 Monday and the same as last Friday.

The number of those on a ventilator rose to 102 Friday, the same as last Friday. The number has been relatively stable this week, with 100 Thursday and Wednesday, and 105 Tuesday and Monday.

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