‘Other’ political affiliation rises to 10 percent for first time in Ky.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) — “Other” party registration in Kentucky has broken double digits for the first time ever, Secretary of State Michael Adams said Friday.

In December 2022, the “other” affiliation broke the 10 percent mark.

Adams also said Republican registrants account for 45.5 percent of the electorate with 1,635,938 voters; Republican registration rose by 2,048 voters, a 0.13 percent increase. Democratic registrants account for 44.5 percent of the electorate, with 1,600,466 voters; Democratic registration dropped by 2,892 voters, a 0.18 percent decrease. Voters registered as Independent or with other affiliations account for 10 percent of the electorate, with 358,336 voters; “Other” registration increased by 1,353 voters or 0.38 percent.



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