Nonprofit partners with animal hospitals to pay for life-saving treatments

'Compassion Animal Project' is partnered with Bluegrass Veterinary Services + Animal Emergency to pay for life saving care

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – For some families, their pet’s life-saving medical care all comes down to cost. To help combat this, a national non-profit is partnering in central Kentucky to bring financial aid to people who can’t afford life-saving medical procedures for their pets.

“They have taken care of their pets throughout their lives and now they’re faced with a one-time situation, that is a curable situation, that otherwise they would have to elect to euthanize their pets,” says Rand Wachsstock, founder and executive director of Compassion Animal Project. “We provide them with the finances to keep their family together.”

Compassion Animal Project is a nonprofit that gives out money to give a pet a second-chance at life. Wachsstock says the grants it gives out are privately-funded. Originally coming out of his own pocket, now, through donations.

“Quite honestly, it’s extremely rewarding for someone to send in a couple of dollars,” says Wachsstock. “For them, that’s what they could afford and it meant a lot to them and to actually get up and do something is extremely important.”

While Wachsstock has been helping to pay for life-saving animal care on his own for years, Compassion Animal Project only got started in 2021. Since then, the nonprofit has expanded into 9 states to include Kentucky just a few weeks ago.

The Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists + Animal Emergency is one of 16 animal hospitals nationwide partnered with Compassion Animal Project. The vets are able to recommend the service to families, where they can then apply. Wachsstock says he personally approves completed applications to get families grants in under 30 minutes.

“Veterinary medicine has given a lot to us over the years,” says Wachsstock. “We’re trying to do even more and give back to the pet community and clientele and want to make a greater impact in people’s lives.”

For more information on Compassion Animal Project, visit its website at the link HERE.

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