Nicholasville Police encourage vigilance during the holidays

Monday night, Nicholasville's south side experienced a large number of vehicle thefts. As an added caution, Nicholasville Police are urging the community to be aware of "porch pirates."

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – It’s that time of the year: the seasonal “porch pirates” are back. Nicholasville Police say thieves are also breaking into cars and stealing what they can.

Nicholasville Police say there were a lot of car break-ins, with one reported car theft, on the city’s south side Monday night. In one of them, a gun was stolen.

“Again, they don’t discriminate. You leave your car unlocked? They’re going to try to get into it,” said Nicholasville Police Sergeant Kevin Grimes.

Renee Miracle lives on Nicholasville’s south side, just across from RJ Corman. She says there hasn’t been much crime in the neighborhood since she moved there five years ago. However, Monday night, Miracle’s wallet was stolen.

“At about 5:30 P.M. I picked the kids up from daycare, and they were both screaming so I was trying to get them in the house. And I apparently did not lock my car. So this morning I get up to go start the car to take the kids to daycare and when I opened the door I noticed the items in my glove compartment were all over the front and passenger seat. And I noticed they had cleaned out the middle console of my car,” said Miracle.

It wasn’t until then that she says she realized her wallet had been stolen.

“I wish that people would think before they do things like this because it’s an inconvenience for good people who work hard for their money. And now we have to stop what we’re doing, take time out of our day to order cards,” said Miracle.

Another issue is porch thefts. Police are reminding the community to be aware, especially of packages sitting on front door steps, as the holidays approach.

“Just on your deliveries just think about ways to keep your packages safe…we do find an increase starting sometime around Thanksgiving up until Christmas because so many people are getting so many packages via UPS, FedEx, and Amazon, and they’re crimes of opportunity, it’s terrible to say,” said Sergeant Grimes.

Nicholasville Police are reminding people to lock their vehicles and to not leave valuables or guns in them, as well as be aware of when packages are scheduled to arrive on doorsteps.

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