Nearly half of the chemical weapons in Kentucky have been destroyed, but there’s still 50,000 more left to eliminate

More than 17,000 VX rockets have been safely destroyed, this was a three year effort yet workers say more has to be done

RICHMOND, KY (WTVQ) – At one point in time more than 17,000 VX rockets were stored  at the Bluegrass Army Depot in Madison County. After 3 years, 4 out of the 5 campaigns of the chemical weapons have been destroyed, but that’s only about half of the chemical weapons in the state Kentucky still has some weapons to get rid of and so does Colorado before the Country is completely free of them.

During the time of World War II and the Korean War, chemical weapons were stored across the United States in 9 different sites.  The United States never used them in war, instead they were developed as a deterrent to make sure other countries wouldn’t use them against us or our soldiers.

There’s a deadline for the US to destroy them. Years ago, United States leaders signed a treaty with several other countries, vowing not to use these weapons of mass destruction and to get rid of them instead.

In 2022, the US is the last country’s to destroy its stockpile. According to  Craig Williams, there was a period of time where people didn’t know the weapons were being stored so close tot hem.

In Madison county, people like Craig Williams says that for a long time people weren’t aware of the fact that these weapons were so close to home.

“It’s a great relief that’s been our objective over the years is to get rid of these weapons as quickly but as safely as possible the controversy of how to do it lasted quite a long time but once we all agreed on the methodology it turned out that we were all rowing in the same direction towards the end game,” says Craig Williams, a member of the community advisory board

The next weapons to be destroyed are called GB rockets. Currently there’s about 50,000 of them that exist in the state. That campaign will start within the next 30 days. Kentucky expects to be chemical weapons free by the treaty commitment date in September 2023.

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