‘My second family:’ New Life Day Center celebrates 10 years

Tuesday, the New Life Day Center in Lexington celebrated 10 years of serving the community.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Homelessness is an ongoing issue, but there are people who are here to help. One center is celebrating ten years of helping its community.

Tuesday, the New Life Day Center celebrated 10 years of serving the Lexington community of people experiencing homelessness.

Charles Jones says he’s lived in downtown Lexington since 2003. He says the impact the center has on the community is invaluable.

“They’re really good. They’re really good. I love them. I love these people. They’re my second family, like I said. I really love them,” said Jones,

The center provides a place for people experiencing homelessness to come inside, get coffee and food, and get connected to resources that can help them. According to New Life Day Center’s Executive Director, the center serves about 80 to 100 people a day.

“In the past few years, with COVID, you definitely have seen a lot more families than you’re used to seeing, and like I said, you definitely see a younger crowd than maybe what it was 10 years ago when it started,” said Executive Director Tyler Hurst.

According to Hurst, many people who use the center struggle with addiction and mental health, but also struggle with finding a support system.

“Then another factor is they don’t have a family support structure; they either don’t have it or because of some other issues in their life they’ve burned a bridge with that support structure,” said Hurst.

For people who come to the center, like Sean Blackford, it’s more than just a resource.

“When I felt like I had nobody or no family, through it all, they were family to me,” said Blackford.

Blackford says he’s lived in the neighborhood since he was a child.

“You know this was a neighborhood I roamed through when I was a kid. And there’s so much going on in the world and thank God there’s still places for the homeless,” said Blackford.

The center also provides lockers for people to keep important items in overnight.

Volunteering opportunities at New Life Day Center: click here.

Donating to New Life Day Center: click here.

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