Morehead, Frankfort protestors hold abortion rallies after SCOTUS overturn


MOREHEAD, Ky (WTVQ)- Getting an abortion was a decision Nancy Henly didn’t take lightly.

“In 1981, I had a medical complication, and had to make a very difficult decision,” said Henly, with tears welling up in her eyes. “Because I was safely and legally able to have an abortion, I am alive and I have two children.”

Henly says she might not be alive today had she not had the right to an abortion. That’s why she says she feels as strongly about abortion access as she does.

“Every woman should have that right and that should be for any reason that they deem necessary,” said Henly. “It shouldn’t be decided by somebody else. Nobody makes that decision lightly, and it shouldn’t be made by anybody but the woman it affects.”

Henly and others organized a protest Sunday in Morehead, where dozens showed up to have their voices heard. Among those in attendance was Eden Filacchione, who’s concerned about rising gas prices as well as the long drive it now takes to reach a state that still offers abortions.

“Not everybody can afford to travel states away especially when you live in states around you are red states and they don’t support abortion. And I think its something we need to touch on, especially for appalachian families and the poor kids that live in these areas that they cant get out. They think that this is it,” said Filacchione.

Filacchione is also concerned about the future of same sex marriage and contraception access after Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas released an opinion Friday that SCOTUS should reconsider rules surrounding those issues.

“I could never imagine a future where I didn’t have the healthcare that I needed,” said Filacchione. “And now it’s kind of hard for me, especially as a teenager to think that maybe there is a future where I’m not getting to be who I want to be.”

There was also a protest in Frankfort on the State Capitol steps.

Katima smith-willis/ organizer
“It literally took us back in time,” said Katima Smith-Willis, who organized the rally. “It was almost like a portal. Like we’re not living in the times we’re supposed to be living in. It really was disheartening to see how they could turn the dial back fifty years. And if they could do taht for that, they could do it for anything. So i really felt like i should step up once again and organize something to have people’s voices be heard.”

Smith-Willis says she wanted to put on the rally on Sunday, so that others who haven’t yet had a chance to protest had the opportunity to attend a rally.

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