More videos will be released Wednesday of Tyre Nichols incident; internal investigation is complete

(CNN NEWSOURCE) — The internal investigation of Tyre Nichols’ arrest and death is complete.

The investigation led to charges against 17 Memphis fire and police personnel. Of those, ten were terminated. Four others have been suspended.

Memphis City Attorney Jennifer Sink says more video of Nichols’ fatal beating will be released Wednesday afternoon.

Sink says the video will include 20 hours of additional footage from the Jan. 7 incident.

“We’re going to do it in a public way. It’s gonna be very similar to the manner that we released the video, the initial four videos several weeks ago. The platform will be Vimeo. The director of communications will release publicly the link. It’s a number series of videos and we’ll also advise the timing of when the videos will be ready to be reviewed,” said Sink.

Sink said those who were shown striking Nichols in already released video have been fired and charged criminally.

She said more documents on the investigation will be released to the public, likely on Thursday.

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