Mom of bullied child creates mobile app to make a difference

Mobile app designed to combat bullying



WEST PALM BEACH, FL  (WTVQ) – Jeanne Tidwell, a Kentucky native and University of Kentucky alum, says her kid was bullied in elementary school years ago.  A couple years ago, she developed a mobile app for children to learn respect and recognize acts of bullying. It all started when her son, Kyle, was being bullied when he was 9 years old. According to him, he believes he was singled out for some reason.

“It wasn’t because I wasn’t nice to other kids, it was that they saw me as an easy target,” explains Tidwell.

According to , 1 in 5 kids are bullied at school, including the age group 12 to 18. The website also reports that 42% of students report it happening in the classroom.
Bullying can take different forms, for example being made fun of or called names. Physically being shoved, tripped or spit-on and exclusion are also more physical examples.
Of the students surveyed, less than half, 46-percent told an adult about it. When Kyle was in school, he told his mom what was going on. Tidwell says she tried to tell the school, but was turned away. According to leading therapists, the word “Bully” can mean different things to teachers.

“The question is, what does the bullying look like? Is your child experiencing harmful statements or actions, whether it’s verbal, physical? Any of that that might be going on,” explains Jessica Jaramillo with Southland Child, Adult and Family Counseling.

Tidwell says she always wanted to do something, and that ‘something’ came to her one night.

“I had a dream where this schnauzer was dancing in front of children and the children really listened to him and I woke up and I thought, how can I apply this?,” recalls Tidwell.

At first, the charming character, Sir Dapp started as a story character.
Years later, Tidwell and her son launched a mobile application where kids learn about respecting each other through games and song.

“At least it creates a conversation and it gets kids starting to think about treating others the way they would want to be treated,” explains Kyle Tidwell.

You can download the 99-cent app here

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