Ukrainian Pentecostal Church members in Lexington taking relief supplies to Ukraine

Volunteers are taking 100 bullet proof vests and medical supplies to Ukraine


LEXINGTON, Ky. ( WTVQ) – A group of men in central Kentucky are packing their bags and heading to Ukraine to help with relief efforts, potentially putting themselves in harms way.

Victor Selepina is a member of the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church in Lexington.  He has lived in the United States since he was eight years old after coming from Ukraine. He says shortly after the first attack by Russia in his native country, he and others from the church decided to help.

The church held a successful Ukraine relief bake sale in March, which raised $145,000.

The church says the money was sent to hot spots in the eastern part of Ukraine, but according to Selepina, a request came from volunteers working in those hot spots, they wanted bullet proof vests since they say Russian soldiers were shooting and sometimes killing humanitarian volunteers.

Selepina says a Kentucky company donated $20,000 to buy vests. Other vests were donated. In total the group has packed 100 bullet proof vests in 50 suitcases.  On Thursday, Selepina and a few other men will leave the country for the western part of Ukraine. While Selepina feels compelled to help, he knows that Ukraine is still a war zone and dangerous.

“Obviously some people are very, they’re asking me why are you going? Why are you doing this? You shouldn’t be doing this.  You have a family, you have five children, a wife, this and that, obviously I don’t want to put myself in harms way but I want to do something,” says Selepina.

Ukrainian relief donations for this trip can be made through the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church in Lexington.  People can call 859-533-3130.

Donations can be made via cash app, venmo, or zelle.

Checks should be made out to UPC & Memo Ukraine/Poland trip.

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