Mayfield mayor reflects on rebuilding a year after tornadoes ravaged through the city

Kathy O'Nan says the rebuilding process will take a while, but she's excited for the future

WESTERN KENTUCKY (WTVQ) — Almost a year ago, parts of Western Kentucky suffered from the devastation of Mother Nature.

As several tornadoes ravaged that part of the state, hitting some areas harder than others.

“It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” says Kathy O’Nan the Mayor of Mayfield, as she reflected on the ravage of Mother Nature.

With the anniversary on the heels of commemoration, Kathy is urging others to focus on the impact the tornadoes had on the community.

“This is a time when we think about lost, and there was no greater loss than those 24 lives that are no longer with us following that night,” says O’Nan.

She says the after math of the destruction, are images she will never forget.

“It was so dark, of course during the night No, no power one generator at our fire station where we all gathered… What I saw, nobody should ever see their hometown look like complete devastation,” she recalled.

Saying that the rebuilding process is one that will take time, but she looks forward to beginning the process for future generations.

“Most people understand that this is not a quick fix. There’s no quick fix to any of this. So what my goal and what the goal of everyone who’s rebuilding is, is to create a different backdrop for our town make it better than it was a year ago today, for all of those generations are yet to come,” she added.

Also sending a message of encouragement of families still displaced by the tornadoes one year later.

“Hang on, if they can just hang on, and that’s, that sounds so feeble coming from me, who’s safe and secure in my home, which had no damage. And it’s hard, it’s hard on them. I know,  I hope that comes within this next year for them,” when speaking of getting new homes

O’Nan is grateful for the continuous the city has gotten nationwide.

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