Man connected to Sadieville school fire passes away, family says he’s innocent

Cody Kirk was one of the individuals arrested for causing a fire at an old abandoned school, on Saturday he was hit by a car

SADIEVILLE, KY (WTVQ) – As the Sadieville City Council meets to discuss the future of the old Sadieville school, which was burnt down in May, one of the men charged in connection to that fire is now dead after being hit by a car on Saturday.

In the lineup of seven boys in the Kirk family, Tyler Kirk was closest in age to Cody, his older brother and best friend.

“Me and Cody being two years apart always fought but we still had each other’s backs,” says Tyler.

A tragic accident over the weekend, took his Cody’s life. Tyler Kirk says could have been prevented. According to Lexington Police, Cody walked into traffic on Winchester road Saturday and was hit by a car.

“I wish that some people would realize that something as simple as crossing the road..You don’t know when or how something is going to end,” says Tyler.

Kirk says that Cody was on the road to reinventing himself. Last month he was arrested and charged in connection to the old Sadieville school fire. However,  Tyler says Cody is innocent. According to Tyler, Cody’s friend and their younger brother had been at the school the night of the fire. While Cody did follow behind, Tyler says his brother did not commit a crime, in fact he attempted to prevent one.

“The main reason actually was because he went up there to scare the rest of the kids that were up there but because he’s twenty three he’s going to charged either way for being there,” says Kirk.

Now the family says they want to clear his name.

“Everybody’s not perfect so anybody in life can make mistakes. We’re thrown into life without a rule book or instruction book,” adds Tyler.

Cody’s death comes as the Sadieville city council meets again Monday, discussing whats next for the 98 year old building that officials say was a danger even before the fire

“There is asbestos a lot of hazardous waste and what not…It was deemed by code enforcement not to be inhabitable,” explains Jennifer Halsey, the Sadieville Safety Commissioner.

On Monday night, council members discussed a plan to bring down the building once and for all.  Officials and locals say the building is not likely to be forgotten,  like the memory of Cody Kirk.

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