Man charged with attempted murder bonds out of jail multiple times

Derrick Mullins is accused of trying to shoot and kill his former girlfriend in Rockcastle County

MOUNT VERNON, Ky. (WTVQ) – It’s been almost a year since Derrick Mullins was arrested for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend Stacie Smith in September of 2021.  Police say after shooting at Smith and missing, he shot himself in the head.  After recovering in the hospital, Mullins answered to his charges in court.

According to the Rockcastle Circuit Court Records, Mullins’ original bond was $250,000 cash, then reduced by a District Court judge to $125,000.

Sources at the courthouse say the reason the bond was reduced was because there was no indictment handed down against Mullins within the 60 day time frame.

Shortly after Mullins was released, Smith says he followed her in violation of the Emergency Protective/Domestic Violence Order (EPO/DVO) she took out against him.

Court records show on February 11th, Mullins’ bond was lowered again to $10,000 cash.

According to sources at the courthouse, Mullins bonded out that day, wearing an ankle monitor. One of the conditions of his bond is he has to live with his parents in Berea on monitored home incarceration.  Which was kept in place by a judge during a hearing on Friday.

During that hearing, Mullins told the court he was going to Somerset after his appearance to repair the battery on his ankle monitor. The judge told him that wouldn’t be allowed, reminding Mullins he’s only allowed to be at his parents home in Berea, in court or to meet with his attorney.

At the end of the hearing, Mullins was served the warrant from last December where he was accused of following Smith as she was leaving work and followed her to Mount Vernon Road in violation of the EPO/DVO out against him.

Immediately after being served that warrant on Friday, Mullins posted the $2,500 cash bond and did not go to jail.  The current bond conditions ordered by the judge still stand.

Mullins and his attorney both declined to talk to ABC 36 News after the hearing.

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