Loved ones worry as Hurricane Ian makes landfall

FLORIDA, (WTVQ) – Larry and Faye Lawson have lived in Florida for the past 5 years.

Their granddaughter Taylor Raines who lives in Richmond, says Hurricane Ian has forced her grandparents to uproot their lives…

“They are alone, of course they have the neighbors by them but they are alone just those two” said Taylor Raines.

Raines says they evacuated from North Port, Florida where they were staying in a mobile home park, to a friend from Kentucky’s home in Venice, Florida.

Raines says they’re actually in a more dangerous location as Ian blows through,  but the home they’re in now, complete with hurricane proof windows and doors, is safer than their mobile home in North Port.

Still, Raines says she’s worried about their safely and her ability to contact them if the power goes out.

“But, all you can do is pray, and continue to try and contact them and tell them that it’s going to be alright and they’re going to ride it out and we’ll see how it goes” said Raines.

Meanwhile, Danny Beeck has lived in Saint Petersburg for 3 years.
He, his fiancé, and their dog, evacuated to Orlando after being told Monday they had until 2 p.m. to leave.

“So I work in Tampa and where I work is zone A and everybody had to leave by 2 p.m. and this notification came at like 10 in the morning, so everyone was kind of like should we be at work, should we be at home?” said Beeck.

Beeck says it was an eerie feeling leaving and seeing the calm before the storm.
He says they will be staying in Orlando for a couple of days, but are worried about the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

“I don’t know what that’s going to do for the bridges, that’s the only way that we can get back unless we go all the way around and up, which everybody else is going to have to do that. So, yeah kind of worried about that, that’s the part that worries me the most is getting back” added Beeck.

Raines says she hopes her family can go to Florida after the hurricane passes to help out her grandparents with any devastation.

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