Louisville man fatally shot while mowing his lawn

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (CNN NEWSOURCE) — “I heard a boom, boom, boom it’s right here.”

That’s the victim’s uncle, describing what he heard from his kitchen.

His 24-year-old nephew was gunned down as he worked in the yard.

“He’s out there cutting grass. They came by and shot him in the stomach.”

“While he was cutting grass?”


Louisville Metro police say the first officers on the scene began life-saving measures.

EMS did the same once they arrived.

The man was taken to a university hospital but he didn’t make it.

“There are shell casings out here on the street and they’ll gather those and collect those as they conduct their investigation.”

Tammy Hawkins is the Louisville Metro Council representative for the Park Duvalle neighborhood.

“The bottom line is these gangs, we cannot tolerate.”

Hawkins arrived in Park Duvalle shortly after the killing.

She knows people who witness a crime are often afraid to get involved, but Hawkins urges witnesses to come forward.

“Let’s talk about who’s committing these crimes. Let’s talk about who’s committing these homicides. Let’s start coming together and uniting as a city. You know, the police department– they need us. They can’t find out anything without us”

And left behind are the grieving relatives.

Brian Horton’s nephew…the latest victim of gun violence on the streets of Louisville.

The uncle, now left behind to beg for justice.

“Hopefully they find him and put him, lock him up. Please.”

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