Local restaurant fundraises for Mayfield

Frank and Dino's in downtown Lexington donated all Sunday profits to Mayfield for tornado relief.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Mayfield, like much of western Kentucky, is still working to repair from the damage left after December’s tornadoes. Frank and Dino’s in downtown Lexington held a fundraiser Sunday to help Mayfield build back from the tragedy.

Food and beverages were on a donation basis at the restaurant Sunday afternoon, with food being set up buffet style for guests. Frank and Dino’s says the staff also donated their wages and worked for free to help the cause. Frank and Dino’s says it’s raised nearly $35,000 so far and was expecting a lot of help from the horse racing community.

“We’re all here on our own time and donating to the people of Mayfield and we’re happy to be here and do that,” says Jessica Kenneson, bartender. “A lot of places, they don’t have the sources or you know, the connections to really provide at this level so we’re really happy and really grateful and we’re thrilled to give back.”

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