Litvin speaks out against ‘offensive’ op-ed on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — It’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day and Lexington Rabbi Shlomo Litvin is speaking out against what he calls an “offensive” op-ed in the paper.

The editorial says the day is “not just about six million eastern European Jews who were sent to the gas chambers and murdered…” it’s “about acknowledging every holocaust, every genocide, every mass tyranny that is carried out upon anyone, any group, based on skin color, religion, gender identity and ethnic background.”

Litvin said he was outraged when he read that and wrote a response to the paper.

“Not an all-lives-matter commemoration for every negative event in history, it is the single day when the global community remembers the holocaust & pledges never again,” he said.

We spoke with Litvin about how the day should be marked.

“We don’t call it Holocaust Memorial Day. We call it Holocaust Remembrance Day because it is not a history lesson, it’s a morality lesson. It’s not a lesson about the past, it is a lesson for our future. It is important to know what did our country does and what should we do in future events; how much we react if we want to live up to the lofty goals set by our forefathers in this country,” he said.

Litvin added the Chabad at UK Jewish Student Center is hosting a service at 7 p.m. at the center called “An Evening of Remembrance”.

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