Life-saving medication for opioid overdoses strategically placed at the Hope Center

A non-profit and social services organization have banded together mounting life saving medicine for overdose victims

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Special kits with the opioid overdose reversal drug ‘Narcan’ have been installed at the Hope Center locations in Lexington thanks to a partnership with the non-profit ‘Voices of Hope.’

Red Opioid Emergency Kits have been placed on each floor of every Hope Center building.

The Hope Center says prior to the installment, all staff had boxes of Narcan in their offices in case of an overdose on campus.

Managers believe these new kits could be difference makers because timing is everything

“Hopefully we don’t have to use these kits, but we want to have them in place so that if the occasion arose, we could keep someone alive while we had paramedics come in,” explains Katie Vogel with The Hope Center.

David Brumett knows firsthand how addiction can consume a person’s life. At age 35 he was introduced to opioids.  He says he became addicted after he separated from his wife of 15 years and children. Brumett says it all went downhill from there. He had lost his job, close relationships and was living in his car, until something clicked one day.

“On that day I woke up and decided I wanted something different,” explains Brumett.

From there Brumett went through the Hope Center’s 12-step program. After a few months of support and coaching, he eventually graduated. He now works for ‘Voices of Hope’ that helped provide the nasal sprays to the very place that helped give him a second chance. But, Brumett says the work is not yet donw.  He says ultimately,  he’d like to see more of these nasal sprays mounted around Lexington, providing anyone with the means to help save a life.

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