Lexington youth camp working to help prevent gun violence through serving others

Thursday, the "It Takes A Village" summer program gathered to deliver food to the East End area

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – “It takes a village” to help serve the communities in our area, and that’s exactly what about 40 students, ages 13 to 17, did Thursday morning.

The students started at Charles Young Center, packing food and and then delivering bags to people in the East End neighborhood.

It’s part of ONELexington’s “It Takes A Village” Summer Program. According to organizer Devine Carama, it’s intended to help kids think of more than just themselves, and help reduce gun violence in our communities.

“They’ve got to be able to think beyond themselves. That’s the only way that our society is at its best. When you look at the pandemic, look how we looked after each other. During social unrest, look at how inclusive we became as a society. And so I want them thinking just beyond their tennis shoes and have empathy and think about others,” said Carama.

“It Takes A Village” program takes place every Tuesday and Thursday over the summer. Carama says about eight mentors from all walks of life volunteer their time to help inspire the students.

“When we talk about gun violence reduction, it starts with prevention. What are we doing to pour into these kids before they get in the cycle of violence? And then obviously, we have mentors from all walks of life, some are formally incarcerated, some with college degrees. But just showing these young people the entire village cares about them. That’s just what it’s about,” said Carama.

Carama says more mentors are needed for the program. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact ONELexington via Facebook, emailing dcarama@lexingtonky.gov, or by calling (859) 425-2255.

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