Lexington woman helps abused, neglected dogs get rescued in Michigan

Lexington native Emily Rohr says after she saw PETA's investigative videos, she couldn't sit idly by.

LEXINGTON, Ky./MISSAUKEE COUNTY, Mi. (WTVQ) – A Lexington woman is celebrating a victory after helping lead a four day sit-in protest, resulting in abused dogs being rescued in Michigan.

Disturbing videos of neglect and abuse, released by PETA, of suffering Jack Russell Terriers by the hands of Michigan breeder John Jones prompted Lexington native and PETA Horse Racing Coordinator Emily Rohr to join about 20 people from around the country at the Missaukee County Sheriff’s Office to protest its inaction. According to PETA, Missaukee County Sheriff Will Yancer had refused to act on PETA’s evidence of the animal abuse.

“The puppies were screaming in agony,” said Rohr.

The PETA investigative footage shows Jones severing the tails of Jack Russell puppies without painkillers, as well as using nail clippers to cut of their dewclaws, which Rohr says is excruciatingly painful. Rohr also says the dogs were left outside in freezing Michigan temperatures.

“They filmed dogs who were left out in the cold, they were shivering, they were wet, and one of the dogs was found dead with leaves and other debris in his mouth. John Jones didn’t know the dog was dead, he hadn’t checked on the dogs all day,” said Rohr.

Video footage on PETA’s Instagram page shows Jones walking out of the Missaukee County Sheriff’s Office scoffing at protesters, saying “what a bunch of freaks.”

The peaceful protests went on for four days, but justice for the abused and neglected dogs finally came on Friday, and the dogs were rescued from Jones’ puppy operation by Animal Control agencies and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The puppies were taken to area shelters.

“Again, I’m just so grateful that the dogs have been rescued and are safe and will have the chance to be adopted into loving homes,” said Rohr.

But Rohr says the work isn’t done: she’s pushing for change.

“Now what needs to happen is prosecution and a life-long ban on owning animals for John Jones,” said Rohr.

While Rohr may have gone to Michigan to help fight for the freedom of the animals trapped in Jones’ puppy operation, situations of animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect are also close to home. According to Clark County Animal Shelter, it’s important to do your research on where you’re buying your new pet from to ensure the animals have been treated properly.

“It’s really important to research and ask questions, ask for references. If they’re a good breeder, they’re not going to mind giving you references from people who have bought from them before,” said Clark County Animal Shelter Director Adreanna Wills.

Clark County Animal Shelter recommends looking at your local animal shelter or rescue before considering buying from a pet store or breeder.

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