Lexington Police speak on city violence

According to police, the city of Lexington is now tied with last year's record-breaking number of 37 homicides

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – For weeks, city and community officials have been speaking out about the recent rise in gun violence in the city of Lexington.

Lexington Police say so far we’ve had around 103 shootings this year, consistent with the trend we’ve seen for the past few years: Lexington Police say 2021 had just a little over 100 shootings, and so did 2020.

The city is now tied with last year’s 37 homicides, a record-breaking number for Lexington compared to previous years.

Police say it’s part of a concerning nationwide trend where cities are seeing an increase in gun violence.

According to Pew Research Center, in 2020, the most recent year that data from the entire year is available, more than 45,000 people died from gun-related injuries in the U.S. 43% of those were gun murders.

This was a 34% increase in gun murders from the year before, and a 75% increase from a decade before that.

Lexington Police also say gun violence deaths also follow a similar trend as it does nationwide, with not all, but many, of the victims being young men.

While Lexington Police say the city is working together to lower the number of gun-related incidents and deaths, it says it starts with everyone doing their part.

“Just communication. Back and forth. The way you stop the violence, everybody’s tired of it, everybody’s fed up with it. Speak up and say something…that’s the way we address it, is together, as a city, as a community. I think we can make a real difference,” said Lexington Police Lt. Brian Peterson.

Lexington Police say part of making that difference is having conversations with each other and being involved in your community.

Part of that is reporting what you see if you witness crime or know anything about a crime committed.

If you know anything about any of the open, unsolved cases in Lexington, you can submit a tip to Bluegrass Crimestoppers or call (859) 253-2020.

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