Lexington Mayor announces additional resources for eviction help

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)  — On Tuesday, Lexington city leaders have announced additional resources for people who may be facing eviction.

“We never want anyone in our community to face eviction,” said Charlie Lanter, Commissioner for Housing Advocacy & Community Development.

As rent climbs and evictions continue, Lexingtonians are in need of help, but on Tuesday, city leaders gathered to offer up a solution.

“Lexington’s Housing Stabilization Program has been very successful in providing assistance to those at the biggest risk of losing their housing during the pandemic. From the program start in February of 2021, it has provided $46.5 million of assistance to over 6300 Lexington households and 1100 landlords,” says Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton.

Adding that, “we will continue to provide assistance while expanding services to include mediation with landlords and access to legal counsel for tenants.”

In partnership with Legal Aid of the Bluegrass and Kentucky Equal Justice Center, both will help operate the new services.
The organizations are receiving $1.9 million in one-time federal funds to continue the program.

“We’ll do that in three ways with our partnership through the mediation project that the mayor announced and also through an expansion and continuation of our rental assistance for tenants and landlords and then also for um direct assistance and representation in eviction cases,” also said Karen Ginn, executive director of Legal Aid of the Bluegrass.

Rick Seckel, the director of the Kentucky Equal Justice Center also adding, “we will devote our housing outreach to connecting people, not just with lawyers but with information and resources they can use to empower themselves to achieve housing stability.”

Mayor Linda Gorton adding that the additional help with legal counsel will help many that could be facing an eviction, “we know that legal representation is a powerful tool in preventing evictions and helping people relocate to more sustainable housing without the strain of an eviction on their record.”

The announcement ties in with the Affordable Housing Fund, Commissioner Lanter also adding that the city has stood up one of the largest social services program the city has ever seen in terms of paying over $45-million in rent amounts.

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