Lexington girl beats cancer and befriends a racing filly

After winning that life-threatening battle, Chloe Allen was introduced to a very special filly, who became an instant friend.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Earlier this year, a young Lexington girl beat cancer. After winning that life-threatening battle, she was introduced to a very special filly, who became an instant friend.
In the beginning, 8-year-old Chloe Allen was diagnosed with a common form of child cancer from a tumor above her tailbone.

“We went through a year of radiation and a year of chemo and then everything was good for six months and then it came back,” explains Kevin Hare, Chloe’s dad.

Hare says Chloe’s second form of cancer was rare. 50 doctors from around the United States were contacted by Chloe’s oncologist to figure out how to treat it.

“You know you hope for the best but you kind of expect the worst. At the time when you get the news from the doctors like how long it’s going to be, it seems almost impossible,” explains Hare.

Chloe’s doctors called her “an amazing case”, and indeed she was.
After another year of chemotherapy, she was able to get that tumor removed and has been cancer-free since January of 2020. Still, Chloe must have CT scans every six months to make sure she stays healthy.
Because she’s a Make-A-Wish recipient, Chloe has her heart set on going to Disney Land.

Because of the Delta Variant, those Disney Land plans were canceled for this year. Instead, she received another surprise at the Airdrie Stud Farms, a new companion fit for a Disney princess.

“She and her family and Kevin have come out several times now. There was one time when she was out at the farm and we were looking out to a field full of horses that we were going to race. It was there I said to Chloe, “Go name one. Pick the one you like best come up with a good name and that will be your girl,” explains Brett Jones, who works at the farm.

Chloe ended up choosing a beautiful grey and white 2-year-old Filly, naming her “Chloe’s Girl”.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a connection like the two of them together,” says Jones.

Just like Chloe, “Chloe’s girl” is persistent. According to her handlers, she’s been doing very well during training. For now, Chloe and her best filly will be separated for a little while as the filly races in California soon. However, Chloe may get to see her friend race at Keeneland during the Spring Meet in April of 2022.

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