Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control, area shelters see increase in animal dumping

According to Community Enforcement Sergeant Aaron Evans, LFAC has seen about four or five pets left on the agency's doorstep in the past month.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – One of the unfortunate by-products of the pandemic is an increase in people giving up their pets, and doing so illegally by dumping them at places like Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control. Not only is this illegal to do, it’s also dangerous for animals.

Margaret, a cat living at Woodstock Spay and Neuter Clinic in Lexington, is one of the many abandoned animals at Woodstock Spay and Neuter Clinic, which has seen an uptick in abandoned animals since the beginning of the pandemic.

According to Woodstock Spay and Neuter Clinic surgeon Linda Gafranek, when Margaret was left, she got her leg caught in a fence. When she was found about a week ago, her leg was so injured it had to be amputated.

“A lot of times when that happens in a field or somewhere they might not always be found. So then they lay there and they die a miserable death,” said Gafranek.

Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control has also seen an increase in the past month of animals dumped on its property. According to Community Enforcement Sergeant Aaron Evans, at least four or five different pets have been left in the last month.

“That may happen one or two times every six months. But here recently, there’s been a rise in it. In the past month, it’s been quite a few animals that have been left at the facility,” said Sergeant Evans.

LFAC is reminding people that dumping animals anywhere is dangerous, and also illegal. Tuesday, LFAC posted security camera video of people leaving animals on the agency’s doorstep on its Facebook page.

“Instead of reaching out and working with us–letting us help get it accomplished, I can’t say, they get panicked maybe, and just leave them and run off,” said Sergeant Evans.

LFAC is available to animals after-hours at a number on its door, and can refer you to other rescue centers if it can’t take your animal immediately.

“It is absolutely heartbreaking because there’s no reason for it. Definitely asking the public for patience in these situations–it may be a no today but it doesn’t mean it will be a no next week,” said Sergeant Evans.

LFAC reminds everyone it will criminally prosecute anyone who leaves animals on its property.

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