Lexington city, community leaders to participate in National Faith and Blue Weekend

The block party will be on October 8th on Glen Arvin Avenue from 5-7 pm

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ)- Lieutenant Brian Peterson of the Lexington Police Department, like many other officers, has grown increasingly frustrated with the city’s recent rise in violence.

“Everybody out here is tired of the violence, us just as everyone else, people with families and kids,” Peterson told ABC 36. He says it’s important for people to stand up and speak out when something is wrong.

The department’s Police Activities League is partnering with others in the community for a nation-wide initiative this weekend to help bridge the gap in relationships between law enforcement, city leaders and the community through faith.

It’s called National Faith and Blue weekend. It’s based on the premise that law enforcement and faith institutions are key pillars of every community.

“We are now looking at going into areas that have had some violence in the past. And trying to highlight that the neighborhood has love, filled with good, showing the neighbors that there are resources and the city can help and that we’re all together in this,” said Josh McCurn, a Lexington city council serving the second district.

Faith and Blue will feature a block party, hosted by LPD, city leaders, and faith and community organizations.

“We’re in partnership with other entities to come in and help, so bringing in our faith leaders as well as our community members, as well as police officers, is very important. Its important that we all understand what our needs are. And how we can intertwine and work together,” said McCurn.

Lexington’s homicide numbers sit at 37, already tying last year’s total, which was a record high. With shooting data also on an upward trend- leaders are hoping events like this help put an end to the violence.

“Because our neighborhoods aren’t filled with violence. That’s not what we are founded upon. That’s not what those homes are designed. Its maybe one person that is a bad apple. But its a community that’s filled with good. And we’re trying to highlight that good and say that this is their street, this is their corridor, this is our neighborhood, and we’re trying to show that violence is not welcome here,” said McCurn.

The block party will be on October 8th on Glen Arvin Avenue from 5-7 pm.

There will be fellowships, food, and games, and a chance to bring the community together.

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