Lexington church packed as people celebrate Easter Sunday

Hundreds of people filled the church, with many having to go to an overflow gym to make room. 


LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ)- Well for the past few years, churches have had to find new ways to spread the word on Easter Sunday. This year, they were back at full capacity as families packed inside to remember the resurrection of Jesus.

That includes churches like Lexington’s Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church.

“Now masks are optional,” said Father Dan Noll, pastor at the church. “And generally, to be able to see people’s faces and also to be able to have the sound from their mouths unmuffled when you gather together to sing.”

Hundreds of people filled the church, with many having to go to an overflow gym to make room.
Families, like the Deluca’s, were glad to be tog

ether with their fellow members.

“It’s wonderful to feel community,” said Myra Deluca. “That was one of the things that missing when it was just us at home, not that that wasn’t great but it adds a specialness when you get to celebrate with your group.”

Deluca remembered last year’s Easter service.

“Something about the parking lot, I have to say, even though it was a challenge and hard, it was really motivating to see how much people wanted this,” Deluca said.

Now, despite declining COVID cases in Kentucky, Father Dan says there are other tragedies on the front lines of this Easter.

“Some folks have lost loved ones due to COVID,” Father Dan said. “We’re in the middle of the war in Ukraine or in Yemen or Syria. And our prayers for peace don’t seem to be being answered.”

That’s why he says it’s important now more than ever to have faith.

As far as those “after Easter Sunday church” plans, The Delucas are planning for those traditional Easter activities.

“Eating, eating. Well, we do do an Easter egg hunt,” said Michael Deluca. “As they (the kids) grew in age, and we changed the Easter egg hunt from just the chocolate and candy. There’s things that help them with the outside, you know paying for gas, dollar bills, gift cards.”



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