Lexington brewery unveils special beer to benefit Ukraine

Brewer Dude is selling a Ukrainian beer with profits going back to help with the war

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A nano-brewery in Lexington is doing its part to support Ukraine during the war with Russia.

Pravda brewery in Ukraine has gained the support of many after having to stop beer production during the war to use the bottles for Molotov cocktails. The Ukrainian brewery posted its beer recipe and label art online and people worldwide began to produce the beer and send proceeds back to Ukraine.

When Brewer Dude in Lexington heard this, it started production in a matter of days. Brewer Dude says it’ll sell the beer as long as supplies last, which won’t be long as it could only make 5 gallons in its facility.

“This was kind of a nice way to do it and it was a little bit surprising at first but once I heard about it I said ‘you know, we should jump on this,'” says Dirk Franzen, Brewer Dude brewmaster. “It’s going for a good cause, these poor people are just being devastated over there. Every little bit helps.”

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