Letcher County Coroner gifted vehicle after transport van destroyed in flooding

Grayson County leaders answered the call nearly five hours away.

WHITESBURG, KY (WTVQ)- The recovery and cleanup continues in communities left devastated after last weeks flooding in eastern Kentucky.

In Letcher County, homes and buildings have been emptied with many items unusable. The flood waters surprising many.

“It come way too fast,” said one Whitesburg woman.

Some people lucky to make it out alive.

“I lost everything, all the furniture, all the memories. Everything that really meant things to me. And my daughter and grandson barely got out of the house, their house before it just filled up,” the woman continued.

Among those impacted was Letcher County coroner Renee Campbell. The coroner losing her transport vehicle, which is a mandatory resource that her office needs.

“We can’t have something happen at 3-4 o’clock in the morning and if its a criminal case or what have you, that has to be addressed, it has to go to the medical examiner’s office. There’s no ifs and’s or buts about it,” said Campbell.

Unknown to Campbell, The Kentucky Coroner’s Association put out a plea for help to all the coroners in the state. Calls flooded in and in the chaos, a glimmer of hope.
Grayson County leaders answered the call nearly five hours away.

“They’re bringing me a vehicle this morning and they’re giving it to the Letcher County coroners office,” said Campbell. “They’re going to sign the title over to Letcher County.”

The donation was a transport vehicle with everything Campbell needed.

“Everything, it means everything. Because we have to have something and I don’t know at one point our county would have been able to, after everything else, trying to get people back into their homes, where we would have fit in trying to get us a transport.”

Volunteers across the state also pitched in to help in Whitesburg- including Hardin County Sheriff John Ward.

“It’s sad because it could easily be a natural disaster in our area. And you feel blessed that you don’t have that happen, but you hate to see it happen to our neighbors,” said Ward.

Ward donated a police cruiser and loads of water to the Sheriff’s office.

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