League of Women Voters release proposed congressional, legislative maps

Group says maps meet Census numbers, need for balance, diversity

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The League of Women Voters of Kentucky (LWVKY) released Congressional and Kentucky Senate and House (click here) maps Monday.

“These recommended maps reflect citizen input and offer coherent districts that can provide growing citizen participation in our democracy, both at election time and in issue debates across the years.  We recommend them for serious legislative consideration in the coming weeks,” Fran Wagner, President of LWVKY said.

After each federal census, states must redraw boundaries for their congressional and state legislative districts.  Kentucky legislators have not yet released any draft maps for consideration or comment even though they plan to enact new maps in January.

“Fair maps should not be a matter of partisan policy; they are a right of every voter,” Wagner commented.

Kentucky legislative leaders’ decision to draw maps behind closed doors led the League to host nine Fair Maps Forums across the state this fall. In addition, League members have spoken to over 100 civic groups over the last 2 years, to discuss redistricting, offer potential maps and solicit public comment.  The recommended maps being released today reflect citizen input from those meetings that included over 2,600 Kentuckians.

The LWVKY maps released Monday reflect 2020 census data and follow the legal rules for drawing boundaries including federal and state “one person, one vote” requirements for equal representation; providing districts of opportunity for voters from racial minority groups in keeping with the Voting Rights Act; and following Kentucky’s constitutional rule requiring minimal division of counties in state legislative districts.  In addition, the League worked to draw compact districts and keep county seats intact where possible.  The process was non-partisan and did not seek to provide political benefit to incumbent office-holders or any political party.

Since releasing its initial “Redistricting Kentucky” report in February 2018, the League has advocated for a transparent and open redistricting process with robust opportunities for public input.  LWVKY joined Leagues across the nation in a “People Powered Fair Maps Campaign,” regardless of which political party controlled the state legislature, seeking development of maps that give each of our votes equal weight and stature, and each of our communities equal access to the decision-making processes that determine funding for state programs and services.

The recommended maps are now available for download at www.lwvky.org.  Citizens are encouraged to review these maps and contact their state senator and representative expressing their views about the maps and the redistricting process.

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