Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital opens new cardiac rehabilitation program

SOMERSET, Ky. (WTVQ/Press Release) – Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital (LCRH) welcomed its first patients to a new Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in November.

The customized outpatient program focuses on improving the cardiovascular health of patients using a multidisciplinary approach. A team of exercise physiologists, specialized nurses and licensed dieticians provide patients with personalized exercise routines, nutrition education and planning, stress management, telemetry care and blood pressure monitoring. LCRH also offers a Clinical Fitness Program which focuses on prevention and maintenance of good heart health.

Nearly half of all Americans have at least one of the three major risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, or a smoking habit. While not all risk factors can be controlled, cardiac rehab focuses on those that can be, such as exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Those who are able to complete a cardiac rehab program have a much lower risk of hospital readmission, potential heart problems, and even death.  Cardiac rehab often helps patients recover faster and resume an active lifestyle with minimal limitations, as well as regain their strength, endurance and confidence following a cardiac event.

“We’re excited to add cardiac rehab to our cardiovascular offerings at Lake Cumberland. The addition of this service allows local patients to experience the full spectrum of cardiac care, close to home, “shared LCRH Chief Executive Officer, Robert Parker.

Patients who have just experienced a cardiac procedure or cardiac event, such as an angioplasty, valve replacement or a heart attack, work with experienced cardiac care experts in cardiac rehab to improve their heart health through long-lasting lifestyle changes over the course of a few months. The multi-phased approach allows for cardiac rehab specialists to tailor the program individually to the needs of each patient.  Cardiac rehab may not be appropriate for everyone, however, and a referral from a physician is required.  Upon completion of the program, patients are provided with recommendations on exercise and healthy habits to maintain on their own.  Additionally, the program is available for those who have not yet suffered a cardiac event but are at risk for heart disease, such as those with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or COPD. For these patients, participation in the clinical fitness program may help reduce the risk of a possible cardiac event in the future.

As an American College of Cardiology Accredited Chest Pain Center with Primary PCI, Lake Cumberland recognizes the importance of maintenance and preventative care for cardiac patients through efficient and effective rehabilitation practices. LCRH is also a network affiliate of UK’s Gill Heart & Vascular Institute, giving it access to additional cardiovascular resources including advanced training for its physicians, nurses and staff, and programs and services for patients.

Lake Cumberland Cardiac Rehab is located within Lake Cumberland Therapy Services at 353 Bogle Street, next to Lake Cumberland Orthopedics: Sports Medicine.  For additional information about cardiac rehabilitation at Lake Cumberland, visit

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